Saturday, June 6, 2009

Erica Roberts- Fashion Designer, Dancer, and Musician.


            Before Erica Roberts' rampage of talent was exhibited all over Seattle through her fashion designs,make-up art, belly dancing, singing, and ability to style hair extensions flawlessly for her friends, she was a southern girl, born in Louisiana. It wasn't until she made the moved to the city of New Orleans that her interest in fashion design really took hold causing a motivation in her. She felt very inspired by the color, print, life, and beauty that the City seemed to exude just on a simple day. She began to find an immense amount of beauty in things that were falling apart in New Orleans.

As a child,Erica had a  fascination with anciet Egypt that she claims to be the beginning of her admiration for fashion design. Erica describes herself as, “having a magpie’s love for all things shiny.” Her childhood interest in Egypt combined with her life in the vibrant French Quarter became the perfect recipe for her desire to further explore,her soon to be,unique design aesthetic.

            Erica spent a good many years of her life as a tomboy. She did not have the desire to wear a skirt until she was 24 years old. She, like many girls before her, had issues with certain body images. It wasn't until her mid-twenties that she began to finally feel comfortable with her femininity; she embraced it with vigor.  Despite her immaculate appearance, she still prefers comfort over beauty.

            Erica moved to Seattle from New Orleans in her late twenties. She enrolled at The Art Institute of Seattle, where she received an Associates of Applied Arts degree in Fashion Design. Erica describes her college experience as being "one giant design challenge, it was like paying them to be on project runway but never receiving the glory or sweet prizes!” Erica claims that her devotion to D.I.Y. has made her a stronger designer than school ever could. 

            Erica’s clothing design style is unlimited. Her designs have been called “Shear electric insanity that strike a desirable cord.” She has a great love for tiny pill-box hats and over-accessorizing. Her design portfolio includes an assortment of different Halloween and Belly dancing costumes.

            In 2006, Erica began a belly dancing troupe with Ayla called "Tribal Voodoo."  Erica made both the costumes and accessories for the troupes belly dancing performances. As a jack of many trades, Erica was also a gifted hair-stylist. While practicing her routines, designing & sewing costumes, and booking Tribal Voodoo performances, she also found the time to fabricate synthetic hair extensions for herself as well as Ayla.

            Erica now designs and sews all of her own clothing that she wears for her steampunk band, Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society. Erica’s main focus now is vintage inspired diesel/steampunk clothing and she is working on a design project that fuses Victorian prints, circus adventurer with a touch of Middle Eastern influence for photo shoots and band performances. As the lead singer and front woman of the band, her designs tend to bring out the capacity of her various and remarkable talents.

            Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society has four members and has just released their first full-length CD titled “Clock Work Dreams.”  Erica has performed music in the past but she strongly embraces what she brings to this band as a fashion designer, dancer and lyricist. Their first performance was at Heaven in Pioneer Square, formerlyThe Catwalk, opening up for Legion Within and Abney Park. Erica’s stage presence was as hypnotic as the flowing outfit she was wearing.

Talent is described as doing something easily what others find difficult. Genius is described as doing something easily that very talented people find difficult. For a Southern belle that has accomplished and created so many different art forms as though it was as easy as frosting cupcakes, I find myself siding with the latter.     

Erica’s diversity is her most valued asset to her art. Her medium variations are unique and passionate. From her music, her designs and her charming personal appearance, whose custom made and hand fitted design are not intended for mass production .Erica is a true artist in every sense of the word


If you are interested in purchasing an original Dizzyclockworks design, you can contact Erika at the following link:


If you would like more information about Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society, visit the following links below:


To watch a live performance of Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society:


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