Saturday, June 6, 2009

DJ Coldheart’s Isolation night; keeping it real for Seattle’s undead!

Written by Jackie Em of Air Raid Zine

The dictionary describes Isolation as “To set apart or cut off from a group or a whole.” That accurately describes DJ Cold heart’s Isolation night located monthly at Re-Bar. Isolation night cuts itself off, very much so, from the people who are more into modern Goth and Industrial music. DJ Coldheart’s loyalty to the origins of the music set him apart from anything that is remotely trendy in the Seattle Goth/industrial scene. Isolation is going into its fifth year and Coldheart has created his own scene by providing patrons with a music-going experience that they cannot receive anywhere else in this entire City. Isolation is the one and only “Bat Cave” night that has ever existed in the history of Seattle.
Coldheart’s Isolation night is a club event that features hand-picked music by Coldheart himself in order to purify his first and only night in Seattle where a person can dance to Bat cave, Post-Punk, Death rock, and Cold wave. Bat cave music was originated in England at a club called The Bat Cave. People who frequented this club where soon nicknamed “batcavers.” Bat Cave is a genre of Gothic rock that Siouxsie Sioux, Nick Cave and Foetus all fall into. Like Bat Cave, Death Rock originated in the late 1970’s. Death Rock or Death Punk was a darker off-shoot of main stream punk. The Flesh Eaters, Christian Death, and 45 Grave are all Death Rock bands. Post-Punk is basically experimental punk-rock with synthesizers. Post-Punk bands included Joy Division, Echo and the Bunny men, and The Chameleons. DJ Cold Heart spins all these bands with great joy during his Isolation night.
Originally from Ohio, this vegan animal rights activist, relocated to Seattle only to make a respectful name for himself in various mediums in a very short time. In addition to Isolation, DJ Coldheart hosts a 1920s theme night at The Rosebud. He has a noise project that he has performed at various venues and variety shows, often deejaying between the sets of other performing artists on the same bill. And on top of all this, he has another DJ night at The Mercury called Interzone.
For Interzone and Isolation DJ Coldheart handles his own promoting himself, he hand draws his promotion posters and he logs every play list. With the help of his long time girlfriend, together they decorate the venue themselves hours before the event starts. The goal of the ambience is to create a spooky atmosphere to enhance the music of the night. The tables are commonly draped in black cloths and fake spider webs hang from the turn tables. Sadly there was a time when Isolation had no place to put up decorations.
Isolation has certainly had its share of inconvenient situations. Originally Isolation began at The Vogue located on 11th in Capitol Hill but due to lease discrepancies The Vogue closed. Isolation was then moved to Capitol Hill Arts Collective and when that venue fell through, Isolation was forced to be put on hiatus. Luckily it did not take long for DJ Coldheart to secure a night at Re-Bar on Howell. Now, Isolation is back and still going strong. DJ Coldheart is a very active and motivated artist that deserves great respect. He never stops creating and he never stops his attempt to welcome alternative music to the regular Seattle Goth scene. I have rarely seen him without a smile on his face and I have never seen him give up on his art.
He is the only DJ for the entire event and he spins his set with adoration, he rarely leaves the DJ booth. The people that attend Isolation are almost always regulars that seem to have just as much fun on 15th time to Isolation as they did on their 1rst. First timers are very much welcomed and they are always greeted by friendly people there. Although Isolation is supposed to be spooky, it is a great place to take your friends to when attempting to explore unique night life options that Seattle has to offer. It seems a bit ironic that the weird people that wear “evil “make-up and listen to “evil” music, are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. The demographic that Isolation brings in are nice people just looking for a good time. There is never any drama because everyone unites as friends, yet another advantage of attending DJ Coldheart’s Isolation.

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