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You are so pretty! Interview about Emergency Hand Puppet!

Emergency Hand Puppet is a solo noise project from Greg F. former member of Fear of Dolls. Emergency Hand Puppet is noise that projects chaos along side the torture and destruction of vinyl records. The noise genre is considered avant-garde sound art with complete indeterminacy. Emergency Hand Puppet has been described as aural graffiti or amplified voices in your head. Air Raid was fortunate enough to acquire a brief yet very entertaining interview with Greg of Emergency Hand Puppet.

Where did you get your name from?
I got it from the side of some emergency rescue vehicle. Or maybe it was a fire truck? One of these types of vehicles has the words Emergency Hand Pump. Since my mind twists everything I see, I imagined it said Puppet.

How long have you been with EHP?
EHP has been ‘happening’ for about a year now. I’ve almost kicked myself out but decided against it, for now.

Give a brief history of EHP.
After playing guitar in my own and other people’s rock bands, I decided it was time to make a pure noise record. I’ve always had an inclination to include samples of old vinyl records on the CDs I’ve been part of in the past, (Fear of Dolls.) So I decided I would make something that involved mostly noise that included vinyl record samples and not much actual ‘music’. Manipulating records has so many possibilities. There are so many ways to affect the sound- playing at different speeds while damaging the vinyl with paint, sandpaper or razor blades. I enjoy making them skip, not to mention it has been fun and interesting finding unusual records to start with. I have found strange instructional recordings, speeches, odd children’s records and personal recordings of weddings from the 1940’s, for example.

What do you think is your fan demographic?
Invisible friends age 6-45.

What are your Future goals with EHP?
I’ll be working on another CD eventually, which will include a cover version of the Beatles’ “Revolution #9”.

What has been your biggest influence in creating EHP?
Nurse With Wound, John Lennon/Yoko Ono, Christian Marclay, but mostly just the sounds themselves. The sounds of a turntable needle touching a vinyl record skipping and scraping. It’s not so much musical but there is something in the sounds I create that I’m trying to bring out or express.

What message are you trying to convey with your project?
See above.

Anything else you would like to add?

There are no upcoming performances planned for Emergency Hand Puppet at this time but here are some URLs that contain future event information you can browse. Also, I have posted a live performance video for your viewing enjoyment! -you can purchase the latest Emergency Hand Puppet CD on his myspace page link above. - official web site for news and event calendar. – live performance video

Erica Roberts- Fashion Designer, Dancer, and Musician.


            Before Erica Roberts' rampage of talent was exhibited all over Seattle through her fashion designs,make-up art, belly dancing, singing, and ability to style hair extensions flawlessly for her friends, she was a southern girl, born in Louisiana. It wasn't until she made the moved to the city of New Orleans that her interest in fashion design really took hold causing a motivation in her. She felt very inspired by the color, print, life, and beauty that the City seemed to exude just on a simple day. She began to find an immense amount of beauty in things that were falling apart in New Orleans.

As a child,Erica had a  fascination with anciet Egypt that she claims to be the beginning of her admiration for fashion design. Erica describes herself as, “having a magpie’s love for all things shiny.” Her childhood interest in Egypt combined with her life in the vibrant French Quarter became the perfect recipe for her desire to further explore,her soon to be,unique design aesthetic.

            Erica spent a good many years of her life as a tomboy. She did not have the desire to wear a skirt until she was 24 years old. She, like many girls before her, had issues with certain body images. It wasn't until her mid-twenties that she began to finally feel comfortable with her femininity; she embraced it with vigor.  Despite her immaculate appearance, she still prefers comfort over beauty.

            Erica moved to Seattle from New Orleans in her late twenties. She enrolled at The Art Institute of Seattle, where she received an Associates of Applied Arts degree in Fashion Design. Erica describes her college experience as being "one giant design challenge, it was like paying them to be on project runway but never receiving the glory or sweet prizes!” Erica claims that her devotion to D.I.Y. has made her a stronger designer than school ever could. 

            Erica’s clothing design style is unlimited. Her designs have been called “Shear electric insanity that strike a desirable cord.” She has a great love for tiny pill-box hats and over-accessorizing. Her design portfolio includes an assortment of different Halloween and Belly dancing costumes.

            In 2006, Erica began a belly dancing troupe with Ayla called "Tribal Voodoo."  Erica made both the costumes and accessories for the troupes belly dancing performances. As a jack of many trades, Erica was also a gifted hair-stylist. While practicing her routines, designing & sewing costumes, and booking Tribal Voodoo performances, she also found the time to fabricate synthetic hair extensions for herself as well as Ayla.

            Erica now designs and sews all of her own clothing that she wears for her steampunk band, Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society. Erica’s main focus now is vintage inspired diesel/steampunk clothing and she is working on a design project that fuses Victorian prints, circus adventurer with a touch of Middle Eastern influence for photo shoots and band performances. As the lead singer and front woman of the band, her designs tend to bring out the capacity of her various and remarkable talents.

            Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society has four members and has just released their first full-length CD titled “Clock Work Dreams.”  Erica has performed music in the past but she strongly embraces what she brings to this band as a fashion designer, dancer and lyricist. Their first performance was at Heaven in Pioneer Square, formerlyThe Catwalk, opening up for Legion Within and Abney Park. Erica’s stage presence was as hypnotic as the flowing outfit she was wearing.

Talent is described as doing something easily what others find difficult. Genius is described as doing something easily that very talented people find difficult. For a Southern belle that has accomplished and created so many different art forms as though it was as easy as frosting cupcakes, I find myself siding with the latter.     

Erica’s diversity is her most valued asset to her art. Her medium variations are unique and passionate. From her music, her designs and her charming personal appearance, whose custom made and hand fitted design are not intended for mass production .Erica is a true artist in every sense of the word


If you are interested in purchasing an original Dizzyclockworks design, you can contact Erika at the following link:


If you would like more information about Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society, visit the following links below:


To watch a live performance of Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society:

DJ Coldheart’s Isolation night; keeping it real for Seattle’s undead!

Written by Jackie Em of Air Raid Zine

The dictionary describes Isolation as “To set apart or cut off from a group or a whole.” That accurately describes DJ Cold heart’s Isolation night located monthly at Re-Bar. Isolation night cuts itself off, very much so, from the people who are more into modern Goth and Industrial music. DJ Coldheart’s loyalty to the origins of the music set him apart from anything that is remotely trendy in the Seattle Goth/industrial scene. Isolation is going into its fifth year and Coldheart has created his own scene by providing patrons with a music-going experience that they cannot receive anywhere else in this entire City. Isolation is the one and only “Bat Cave” night that has ever existed in the history of Seattle.
Coldheart’s Isolation night is a club event that features hand-picked music by Coldheart himself in order to purify his first and only night in Seattle where a person can dance to Bat cave, Post-Punk, Death rock, and Cold wave. Bat cave music was originated in England at a club called The Bat Cave. People who frequented this club where soon nicknamed “batcavers.” Bat Cave is a genre of Gothic rock that Siouxsie Sioux, Nick Cave and Foetus all fall into. Like Bat Cave, Death Rock originated in the late 1970’s. Death Rock or Death Punk was a darker off-shoot of main stream punk. The Flesh Eaters, Christian Death, and 45 Grave are all Death Rock bands. Post-Punk is basically experimental punk-rock with synthesizers. Post-Punk bands included Joy Division, Echo and the Bunny men, and The Chameleons. DJ Cold Heart spins all these bands with great joy during his Isolation night.
Originally from Ohio, this vegan animal rights activist, relocated to Seattle only to make a respectful name for himself in various mediums in a very short time. In addition to Isolation, DJ Coldheart hosts a 1920s theme night at The Rosebud. He has a noise project that he has performed at various venues and variety shows, often deejaying between the sets of other performing artists on the same bill. And on top of all this, he has another DJ night at The Mercury called Interzone.
For Interzone and Isolation DJ Coldheart handles his own promoting himself, he hand draws his promotion posters and he logs every play list. With the help of his long time girlfriend, together they decorate the venue themselves hours before the event starts. The goal of the ambience is to create a spooky atmosphere to enhance the music of the night. The tables are commonly draped in black cloths and fake spider webs hang from the turn tables. Sadly there was a time when Isolation had no place to put up decorations.
Isolation has certainly had its share of inconvenient situations. Originally Isolation began at The Vogue located on 11th in Capitol Hill but due to lease discrepancies The Vogue closed. Isolation was then moved to Capitol Hill Arts Collective and when that venue fell through, Isolation was forced to be put on hiatus. Luckily it did not take long for DJ Coldheart to secure a night at Re-Bar on Howell. Now, Isolation is back and still going strong. DJ Coldheart is a very active and motivated artist that deserves great respect. He never stops creating and he never stops his attempt to welcome alternative music to the regular Seattle Goth scene. I have rarely seen him without a smile on his face and I have never seen him give up on his art.
He is the only DJ for the entire event and he spins his set with adoration, he rarely leaves the DJ booth. The people that attend Isolation are almost always regulars that seem to have just as much fun on 15th time to Isolation as they did on their 1rst. First timers are very much welcomed and they are always greeted by friendly people there. Although Isolation is supposed to be spooky, it is a great place to take your friends to when attempting to explore unique night life options that Seattle has to offer. It seems a bit ironic that the weird people that wear “evil “make-up and listen to “evil” music, are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. The demographic that Isolation brings in are nice people just looking for a good time. There is never any drama because everyone unites as friends, yet another advantage of attending DJ Coldheart’s Isolation.

Find out about upcoming Isolation dates and other DJ Coldheart events at